About company

Our company: Piekarnie Polskie Dr Zurek was established in 1991. General headquarters and production is placed in Odonow in swietokrzyskie voivodeship. Nowadays the company consists of 18 stores that are placed in 3 different voivodeships: swietokrzyskie, malopolskie and slaskie. We also deliver our baked goods to other companies, for individual orders and for special events. The company also gets involved in various charity activity, into social life of regional society and helps to fullfill regional initiatives.

According to clients needs and demand for gluten free products our company started to produce gulten free baked goods. Products offered by us have been marked by Crossed Grain Symbol certificate which is an international symbol of safe gluten free foods. It is present on the label and means that the product has been carefully inspected and company succesfully passed the audit which is a quarantee of quality and compatibility to given regulations.

That’s why our baked goods are recommended as a component of a diet for people who are ill on celiac disease. This illness is characterized by chronic intolerance of protein– gluten, which is a main part of various grains: wheat, barley rye, spelt, kamut, oats and triticale. The first and basic step after being diagnosed with celiac disease is change of diet which is based on elimination of gluten from daily menu. It is the only effective therapy.

The necessity of changing diet doesn’t mean resignation of baked goods. To meet these expectations our company has created five types of bread: bright gluten free bread, brown gluten free bread, multigrain brown gluten free, gluten free bread for breakfast, multigrain gluten free bread for breakfast. All of them are produced according to original, authorial recipe and, what is the most important, they do not contain hydromethylcellulose. Lack of gluten and restrictions in production process guarantee high nutritious value and highest quality of our products. Taste and aroma remind of traditional bread, that is why we recommend them for everyone who prefers healthy lifestyle.