The bread offered by us is without gluten grains which we replace by rice flour, millet flour and with cassava and corn starch but we also sell bread with addition of gluten free wheat starch.

In the production process we use natural rice sourdough that does not contain artifical food coloring, aromas and preservatives.

It increases the value of bread and makes it an incontestable source of vitamins and micronutriens. Additionally to this, probiotic Lactobacilli bacteria, which are present naturally in sourdough, help to regulate and improve digestion. Beneficial effect on intestinal microflora also strengthens the function cardiovascular system.

The bread that we created is rich with dietary fiber, an inherent part of healthy diet. It plays an essential role in human health- specifically colonic health by improving digestion, decreasing absorption of toxic substances, stimulating bowel peristalsis and  stimulating growth gut microbiota.

We are trying to limit allergens such as milk, eggs and soy. Therefore the bread we offer can be used in diet therapy and in diet prevention. We recommend our products to people who suffer from celiac disease, intolerance to gluten, gastrointestinal problems, overweight and people who struggle with thyroid disease.